I’m going to start writing. I am a very curious and social person. I love learning and I love teaching. I strongly believe in the power of writing to help determine my personal path.


My passion for learning has lead me to a career in education. The process of researching, digesting, and simplifying a topic is exhilarating. I teach mathematics at a very progressive and incredible school. I am so happy there. One of my favorite aspects of my particular job there is the freedom to teach new topics.


Our school has an extra weekly block period built into the student schedule. During this time, teachers are free to expand the content they teach beyond the state required curriculum. This coming semester, I will be teaching a course on the history of videogames.


I’ve always greatly valued videogames from intellectual, social, and creative perspectives. They are a very powerful new form of media that can be much more engrossing (engrossing is a gross word. Pretend I said captivating) than video or text. I love the interactive and exploratory nature of them. They encourage focused practice, endurance, and mastery.


This post was pretty much just a first step. I have many diverse interests and I think that this blog will be a bit of a patchwork. My passions range from education to games to philosophy, and so I expect this site to progress in all these directions.


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